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The Maths Study Group is an initiative of the former department of Maths, Stats and Foundation Studies, aimed at providing a forum for mathematically-minded people, within the Faculty and elsewhere, to meet and share ideas.

Each week somebody gives an expository talk with the aim of increasing everybody's mathematical general knowledge.

Talks currently take place at approx. 1600 and are preceded by tea. Location details are emailed nearer the time: let Carrie Rutherford know if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

MSG meetings are currently hybrid in-person/videoconference events. Contact Carrie to get attendance/access details.

NEXT MEETING: Thursday 11th July, Carrie Rutherford (LSBU), "The friendship theorem"

Forthcoming talks/events

Previous talks/events (talks from previous years archived here)


Previous talks/events
Some speaker notes (generally pdf < 1MB unless stated, open in new window)
Peter Cameron (St Andrews and Queen Mary): Hadamard matrices
Graham Farr (Monash): Minors for alternating dimaps, Transforms, minors and generalised Tutte polynomials
Tony Forbes: Bricks (joint with Kira Bhana),Ovals, Small regular graphs of girth 5, Bernoulli Polynomials (updated 4.11.15), Poncelet's Porism and Elliptic Curves (1.3MB), The Towers of Hanoi, Regular Polytopes, Decision problems for linear recurrence sequences (updated 27.10.15), The Bruck–Ryser Theorem, Wilson's Theorem in design theory, Primality without recourse to arithmetic, The Hardy–Littlewood Circle Method, Congruence properties of the partition function, Integer Factorization, Elliptic curves, factorization and primality testing, Applications of Weil's Theorem on Character Sums
Graham Lovegrove (Open): Convex Polygons in the plane (by Erdos and Szekeres), Packing 6 × 2 × 1 bricks into a 7 × 7 × 7 box, The Tutte and chromatic polynomials, Problem 29 from the ex-Cameron set, A Theorem of Euler’s: The Penatagonal Number Theorem - another proof from The BOOK, The Sylvester–Gallai Theorem: proofs from the Book, The slope problem, Tiling Rectangles: 3 Proofs from the BOOK, Young tableaux and the hook formula, The probabilistic method (1.5MB)
Gary Michalek, (La Salle): Writing Numbers in Base N (Number Systems and Just Touching Covering Systems)
Michael Olorunsaiye, (Covenant University, Nigeria): Generalities about partial C*-algebras
Nigel Phillips (LSBU): Algorithmic Probability, Computability and Probabilistic Machines, On playing several games at once
Francesca Merola (Roma Tre University): On Hamiltonian cycle systems with a nice automorphism group
Jon Selig (LSBU): Screw systems and their classification, The Petersen–Morley Theorem, The catalecticant, Gröbner Bases Part I: Varieties and Ideals, Gröbner Bases Part II: Monomial Orders and the Division Algorithm, Gröbner Bases Part III: Gröbner bases and monomial ideals, Gröbner Bases IV: Buchberger's Algorithm, Clifford algebras and computational algebra, Molien's theorem in invariant theory, Representations of GL(n), Hopf algebras, Chicks, eggs and advertising
Leonard Soicher (QMUL): A new upper bound on the clique number of a strongly regular graph
Robin Whitty: Euler tours and sets of permutations, Pascal's triangle, Pascal's triangle minus 1, Congruent numbers (in tribute to Jerrold Tunnell), The polygonal number theorem, Bisecting a triangle in a given direction, Finding a continued fraction for Tau, Graceful trees and graphs
Taoyang Wu (East Anglia): Expanders: Background, Expanders: Zig-zag product, Applications of Sperner's Lemma, Graph Homomorphisms: a language





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