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Theorems from Statistics and Probability

This is a subset of the complete theorem list for the convenience of those who are looking for a particular result in the areas of statistics (including experimental design theory) and probability.

Numbers in brackets are those from the complete listing.

  1. The Bruck–Ryser–Chowla Theorem on Finite Projective Planes (3)
  2. The Central Limit Theorem (8)
  3. Bayes' Theorem (10)
  4. The Law of Large Numbers (30)
  5. Benford's Law (31)
  6. Netto's Conjecture (Dixon's Theorem) (49)
  7. Bailey's Theorem on Latin Squares (53)
  8. The Bose Equivalence Theorem in Design Theory (54)
  9. The Abel–Hurwitz Binomial Theorem (89)
  10. The Design of the Century (100)
  11. The Lovász Local Lemma (120)
  12. The Existence Theorem for Orthogonal Diagonal Latin Squares (131)
  13. The Total Probability Theorem (133)
  14. The Diaconis–Holmes–Montgomery Coin Tossing Theorem (164)
  15. The Existence Theorem for Bachelor Latin Squares (176)
  16. Frieze's Theorem on Expected Minimum Tree Length (193)
  17. The Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Inequality (cf. 201)
  18. The Inclusion-Exclusion Principle (221)
  19. Fisher's Inequality (228)
  20. Kemeny's Constant (236)
  21. A Theorem of Anderson, Cameron and Preece on Groups of Units (243)
  22. Distribution of Local Maxima in Random Samples (257)