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List of pending theorems with web resources

At some time in the future I hope there will be a page for each of the following theorems and, as I come across them, record web resources to help me. Links to pageswhich I want to study in the hopes of improving existing theorems are also kept here, in which case the theorem names link to their entry in my main theorem list.

Please email me and with either theorems you would like to see added to the list or weblinks which you think will be valuable to me.


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Bell's Theorem

The Billiards Circuit Theorem

Bloom's Egyptian Fraction Theorem


Cauchy's Integral Formula

Cauchy's Residue Theorem

Combinatorial Nullstellensatz

Cook's Theorem on NP-completeness

Decidability of Tiling

Dunn and Pretty's Triangle-Halving Deltoid

The Erdos conjecture on arithmetic progressions

Euclid Book 1 Proposition 1

Frobenius' theorem on real division algebras

The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic

The Fundamental Theorem of Galois Theory

Goldbach's Summation Identity

The Hahn–Banach Theorem

The Hall–Paige Conjecture

Hensel's Lemma,Yuchen.pdf

The Hopf Umlaufsatz

L'Hospital's Rule

The Impossibilities

Legendre's Theorem on Factorial Factors

The Lonely Runner Conjecture

The Mean-value theorem

Pappus's theorem
A comment on Twitter from @ArthurNewlands reminds me to upgrade this page! "I love this theorem for many reasons. Because it is a special case of Pascal's Hexagrammum Mysticum, which is, in turn, a special case of Cayley–Bacharach; because of its dual form; because it helps characterise a projective plane over a field; because implies Desargues' thm etc."

The Road-colouring Theorem

The Shoelace formula

Tarski's high school algebra problem's_high_school_algebra_problem

The Toeplitz Square Peg Problem

Tunnell's Theorem

The Universal Coefficient Theorem in Homology

Van der Waerden’s Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions

Yenoda's Lemma

Zermelo's Theorem in Game Theory
Main List of Theorems
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